About Maxhaust

Initially contrived by German automotive parts supplier, Eberspacher, as an extremely effective active exhaust noise cancellation device, it was soon realised that the same technology can be utilised to achieve the opposite effect of enhancing the exhaust’s sound. Maxhaust, a German brand, took that technology and developed an aftermarket active exhaust sound system, which delivers exhaust sound designed by our in-house sound engineers through internally and externally mounted loudspeakers to achieve realistic and powerful exhaust notes. Do not mistake it for a simple audio playback device as the sound is generated in direct relation to the number of engine revolutions, resulting in a sound that accurately matches the engine speed Maxhaust achieves this accurate and realistic sound enhancement by tapping into your vehicle’s electronics system to retrieve a range of data such as vehicle speed, engine speed, pedal position, etc. Even minute details such as downshifts and off-throttle situations are all taken into account as well.

All of our product are hand made by us in our dedicated facility.

Our Vision

Maxhaust is currently hosting the largest market share in the world for the active sound system. With their state-of-the-art product design and innovation, Maxhaust Asia is to extend and strengthen their reach towards the entire Asia region within the next one year.